10 Smokeless Cinnamon Cigarettes

One carton (10 packs) Smoker's Option
— Smokeless CINNAMON Non-Tobacco "Cigarettes"

Madde in USA, One cigarette may last a few hours to one day and costs only ¢34 each! 10 packs at $6.79 each -Save 15% ($11.99 off)

INGREDIENTS: Filter material (material just like that used in a real cigarette filter), Cinnamon oil (small amount for flavor only).

Just like a real paper cigarette but non-tobacco! 20 king-size (85 mm) fake cigarettes in a hard pack.

TESTIMONIALS: (We never asked to send this letter and email, guaranteed!)

Letter from J. Cooper, smoking for 40 years, who uses only Smoker's Option Menthol "Cigarettes" and quits smoking!
E-mail from L. Carlson, Jamestown, Rhode Island. 
1 carton (10 packages) Smoker's Option Smokeless Cinnamon Cigarettes
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